The Blue

What happens when you inadvertently videotape something so magnificent, that people think it’s fake? That’s the debate going on about the authenticity of a video of some dolphins off the coast of California. The video was shot by angler Mark Peters, who built a torpedo shaped camera housing for his GroPro2 video camera to capture some underwater footage from his tuna fishing trip. Then, while dragging the torpedo in the water, a pod of Pacific white sided dolphins swims up to check out the camera, and that’s when magic happens. If you have not seen the video, you need to do so now.  Click here to view the video.  It’s gone viral and there’s an ongoing debate online about whether or not the video is authentic. I have to admit, it’s an amazing video, and after a lot of thought, I think it’s real. I can, however, understand the skepticism; even my teen daughter and older son thinks it fake. So what say you?

A screen shot from The Blue, an amazing video shot though a torpedo cam by Mark Peters, of Central California.


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