The Fish Whisperer

LSC Fish WhispererWell looky here–it appears that Fishboy has gotten famous. Who is this Fishboy you ask? Actually, his name is Kyle Naegeli, from Katy, Texas, but I knew him by his call sign, Fishboy, on the Texas Fishing Forum. He has apparently gained notoriety for his ability to catch fish from the sewers and storm drains in his neighborhood. According to a WFAA Dallas news story, he started the strange hobby when his father bet him five dollars that the boy couldn’t catch a fish out of a sewer. Fishboy won the bet.

Since then, he’s pulled hundreds of fish, of multiple species, from the sewer, and he has recorded and posted many of them on local fishing forums and of course, his YouTube channel (Kyle’s YouTube Channel) where his videos have gotten over a million hits. He even keeps bass as pets in his backyard pond and he’s taught them tricks, including one bass that he’s trained to jump through a hoop. His friends and family were so impressed with his fishing prowess that they dubbed him The Fish Whisperer and it seems to have stuck. He even changed his Fishing Forum call sign (although he will always be Fishboy to me).

When I saw the recent TV news piece, I recognized Fishboy instantly, although he’d gotten taller (it’s been a while since I’ve seen one of his videos, and time waits for no man…or boy). But it was good to see that he was still passionate about catching fish, and that his passion had caught everyone’s attention. Besides the local news affiliates and the huge following he has on his YouTube channel, he’s also been featured in several online publications including The Atlantic and Probably just a matter of time  before Field & Stream comes knocking on Fishboy’s door….I mean the Fish Whisperer.

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish

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