The Kayak Fishing Experience

LSC Robert FieldI want to share a cool little video made by a fellow kayaker named Robert Field who seems to have a knack producing them. The video, aptly named The Kayak Fishing Experience, is meant to give viewers a glimpse into the sport of kayak fishing and from watching it, you’d think he’s been doing it for years. Ironically, he’s actually been at it less than a year, which is hard to believe from watching his work.

Earlier in the month, another of Robert’s videos was voted the Kayak Angler Choice Award’s best kayak fishing video of the year, another amazing feat given the short time he’s been paddling. I have to admit, he may not be the most knowledgeable yak angler I know, but his videos are very well done, both in front and behind the camera (besides being the talent, he’s also the cameraman, writer, director, editor and publicist).

I’m looking forward to watching him grow in our sport and maybe even go fishing with him some day. You can see all of Robert’s videos on his YouTube channel which he calls YakFishTV.

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