Near Miss on Athens

LSC LightningIf you didn’t already know this, then let me break it to you: fishing on Texas lakes during thunderstorms is usually a bad idea. Don’t believe me? Watch this video that was just posted on of 16-year old professional angler Tucker Owings who was running back to the ramp on Lake Athens when he videotaped a massive bolt of lightning strike the water just ahead of his bass boat’s path. I hope it got his attention; something tells me that it did.

According to the National Weather Service, so far this year there have been 23 lightning strike fatalities in the U.S. and six of them were on, or near, a body of water; four were in a boat or canoe. At the first sign of severe weather, the smart anglers get off the water, and they do so quickly. Young Mr. Owings will likely get to become old Mr. Owings, but that was a close call that day and he’s a  lucky young man; the story could have ended much differently.

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