The Real Chris Kyle

LSC The real Chris KyleBesides breaking box office records, last week’s release of American Sniper also triggered a national debate, with many on the left left seeing the film as propaganda for military intervention in the middle east, and most on the right seeing it as a patriotic piece about the sacrifices made by servicemen and women fighting the war on terror.

What’s been lost in the debate is the man himself–Chris Kyle, who Dan met in person a few years ago. He’d already written American Sniper by then, which is how he first become known to us, but it was Dan’s description of his meeting with Chris Kyle that caught my attention–a down to Earth guy, quick to greet you with a smile and a beer in his hand. According to Dan, during the fundraiser for wounded warriors, Chris spent the entire time walking around, greeting the vets attending the event, signing autographs and joking around. Dan said that Chris seemed comfortable around his fellow warriors and that despite being a sniper and best selling author, he came off as one of the guys.

Although I never met Chris Kyle, I like to think that I gleaned some insight into his character by watching him during an appearance on Conan where he came across as an average Joe and very humble about his accomplishments on the battlefield. The five minute video provides us a front row view of a man that many will only see through the prism of a Hollywood movie. Regardless of which side of the debate about that film you fall on, I hope the video sheds a little light and helps you know and better understand the real Chris Kyle.

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