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This and That-goatsWe took some much needed time off over the Thanksgiving weekend and got to spend a lot of it outdoors, although probably not what you think. We actually never left, at least not much, a small spit of land near Whitney and that was alright with us, even with the Brazos only a short drive away. We spent the time surrounded by nature and reflecting on the things we had to be thankful for, like family, friends and the bountiful land around us. It doesn’t get simpler, or better, than that.

But overall it’s been hectic the last several weeks and we’ve not been keeping up with things like we should. I could blame that on the Kayak Angler’s Choice Award competition, which kind of discombobulated me, but I won’t. I could also blame it on last week’s crazy post in which you somehow managed to nab a thief and I maybe got little full of myself, but I won’t do that either. Let’s just say I’ve been a little negligent and that we’re gonna fix some of that now…

Shark Attacks Kayak Angler

As you’ve probably heard by now, a kayak angler in Hawaii was fishing for bait off the coast of Maui when a shark attacked him. We don’t have a lot of details yet, but it appears the shark bit his leg which was dangling in the water and he bled to death on the way to a hospital. According to reports, his fishing buddy tried to apply a tourniquet but either it didn’t stem the flow of blood or he just lost too much blood before his buddy got to him. Either way, it’s a tragedy for the man and his family and ironic in that on any given day, there are probably hundreds of kayak anglers out on the ocean, and this is the first reported shark attack fatality that I can remember. For those of you who don’t know, kayak anglers who fish out of ‘sit-on-top’ kayaks routinely dangle their feet into the water. I do it all the time, but I mostly fish rivers. I suspect some salt water yak anglers will no longer be floating with their feet in the water, and if they do, they better have a buddy around who knows how to tie a proper tourniquet.

Those Dam Goats

On a lighter note, I love it when nature has the last laugh on us. Have you see the pictures of the goats that decided to turn the Cingino Dam in Italy into a giant salt lick? The photos are incredible in that the goats appear to easily walk back and forth across the steep rock face of the dam. What the dam engineers probably didn’t know when it was built back in 1930 was that the rock they used had a high mineral content, which the goats apparently like. As for their gravity defying ability, Alpine Ibex goats, as these are known, routinely forage steep mountaintops to avoid predators, so for them this man-made dam is just another boulder strewn mountainside…a good tasting one. To see incredible pics of the gravity defying goats, click here: Those Dam Goats

The Weather

I hate it when local news programs give a news event an official name. Here in north Texas, they’re already calling tonight’s incoming front the “Arctic Blast” and so of course it’ll probably fizzle out like most of our over hyped weather events do here in these parts…but just because I said this, it’ll probably be bad. That’s the kind of week it’s been.

He’s Never Boring

The best quote of the week comes from Field & Stream’s Dave Petzal who has a unique way of yanking everyone’s chain. When asked if he thought hunters today were better stewards than they were 40 years ago, he replied, “…yes. Although as a nation we are fat, weepy, ignorant, panicked, and generally on the decline, the last several generations of hunters that I’ve seen are miles ahead of what was around four decades ago. They are more knowledgeable and better citizens in the woods, and they appreciate the sport and the outdoors more. I wish they would get out of treestands once in a while and stop shooting exclusively from benchrests, but generally I’m very encouraged.”

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