Trailer: River Untamed

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Our good friend, and Pecos paddling partner, Scott Gartman (Scent of a Fisherman) just posted this trailer for his upcoming video about our misadventure on the lower Pecos River last year. Today marks the one-year anniversary of our Pandale put-in for that ill-fated trip, and Scott’s done a good job of providing his viewers with a glimpse of that 60-mile paddle that ultimately cost us three kayaks, a canoe and several thousand dollars’ worth of camera and camping equipment. I can’t think of anyone more qualified than Scott to take on the endeavor of producing this video, and if the trailer is any indication, then we can’t wait to see the entire video, which is due out this fall….

Lone Star Chronicles – Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Fish

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  4 comments for “Trailer: River Untamed

  1. June 18, 2015 at 10:01 AM

    Looks pretty good.

  2. Allan H
    January 31, 2018 at 11:33 AM

    So did the full video ever get made?

    • Bert Rodriguez
      January 31, 2018 at 1:56 PM

      Unfortunately, Allan, the full video was never made by Scott. Not sure why. However,Robert Field did produce a 4-part mini series about our return trip two years after the flood. Here is the link for the first installment of that mini-series:

      • Allan
        January 31, 2018 at 2:39 PM

        Thanks Bert, some gorgeous footage.

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