When Pigs Swim

LSC Hogs of lewisvilleSometimes when you’re fishing, strange things happen. The latest example comes to us from a north Texas kayak angler named Henry Shipes who was fishing Lake Lewisville just north of Dallas a few days ago. He heard a commotion coming from the flooded brush on the bank behind him, and when Shipes turned to look, a huge herd of feral pigs emerged from the brush and started entering the lake. One after another, the wild hogs kept coming out of the high brush until a couple of dozen pigs were swimming across the lake arm that Shipes was fishing; and he managed to capture the swimming pig migration on his cell phone camera.

Feral pigs are considered exotic animals in Texas, and can therefore be hunted year round, so Shipes actually considered snatching up one of the piglets bringing up the rear of the herd, but he decided against it. Wild pigs generally avoid humans, but they have been known to attack when protecting their young, so it was probably a good call on his part.

Although a little shaky, the video is amazing simply because its something you don’t see very often. I’ve seen photos and videos before of small deer herds crossing lakes and rivers in Texas, but never wild hogs. I’m guessing that the explosion in the feral pig population over the last several years has something to do with that, and when you add more kayak anglers to the equation who can access parts of the lakes that power boaters can’t, I suspect there will be more and more swimming pig sightings.

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