Yakking It Up on the Middle Brazos

I had the opportunity to accompany Texas river guide Shane Davies and his client Sam Underwood (call sign: Yakitup) on a guided kayak fishing trip on the middle Brazos River last week. Although the fishing was somewhat  slow (by Shane Davies’ standards), Sam still managed to pull out some very respectable blue and channel catfish. Here are  few pics and notes from that day…

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We put in at the iconic Whitney Lake Dam and Powerhouse located about six miles southwest of Whitney,Texas. The lake is about 65 miles southwest of Fort Worth and 30 miles north of Waco. As you can see, they weren’t ‘generating,’ or releasing much water from the dam, which meant we’d have to walk our boats at times.


Sunrise on the river. Shane uses Ocean Kayak brand sit-on-top kayaks exclusively including the Scrambler XT seen here. And he himself often guides out of an OK Malibu XL2, however, on this day we used Shane’s trusty Discovery 169 canoe which we paddled while his client paddled the Scrambler XT.


Here is guide Shane Davies paddling his Discovery 169 and his client Sam Underwood in the Scrambler. Notice the array of rods–very typical of Shane’s guided trips. Also notice that Shane prefers to paddle the canoe with his yak paddle.


Sam’s first kitty of the day…but it wouldn’t be the last.


The flow was a paltry 20 CFS on this day, which meant there were several places we had to drag the canoe and kayak.


The upper Brazos has a reputation of being the prettiest part of the Brazos River system, however, the middle Brazos also has beautiful scenery…


…and hungry kitties….


…and more scenery.


We rounded a bend and came upon a section of the river with multiple lay downs, and this is where Sam caught most of his fish, including this 5-6 pounder.


Shane Davies working at the office.


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